Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yarn Christmas Trees

I made some of these yarn trees I posted about the other day. I already had the turquoise colored fabric, so I just had to buy the white fluffy stuff. And I picked apart a holly berry wreath pick. These were super easy, and satisfying to make! Just a pointer, when you are wrapping the yarn (I held both strands at the same time) up the tree, don't worry if there are some gaps and you can see the foam. You can cover them up as you wrap back down the tree.
Can I keep them up all year? Pretty please?

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sweet limes said...

You know, you probably could keep them up all year round by simply switching up the berries. Find something different and just pull them out and replace them with each season. That is, of course, if they aren't glued in.

The turquoise is divine! What a terrific colour.


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